Suppliers & Contractors

Interested in becoming a supplier or contractor to Marathon Gold?

If you are an established business, please refer to our list of upcoming packages (if you are not an established business, please refer to our Entrepreneurial Proposal page).

Any established business who is interested in supporting any major projects are asked to send their contact information to [email protected] and must provide and attach the pre-qualification form as the start of the on-boarding process.

When submitting your Proposal to Marathon Gold, it’s important to understand the Company’s values which should be reflected in your submission. The Evaluation Matrix will measure commitments and subcontracting opportunities for residents and businesses in the local communities as well as members of under-represented groups.


Package ID StatusAnticipated Release Date

Package ID Construction Packages Anticipated RFP Release
C-0010 – Electrical & Instrumentation works-Plant site TBD October 2023
P-56781 – Pebble Lime System On Hold TBD
P-56704 – Reagents Systems TBD TBD
P-54228 – Peristaltic Pumps TBD TBD
P-54114 – Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps Closed-Under Review TBD
P-54171 – Sump Pumps Closed-Under Review TBD
P-54172 – Vertical Cantilever Centrifugal Slurry Pumps Closed-Under Review TBD
P-58310 – Fire Water Pumps Closed-Under Review TBD
P-56000 – Decant/Reclaim Water Pumps Barge Closed-Under Review TBD
P-82500 – Instruments General Closed-Under Review TBD
P-82510 – Level Transmitters Closed-Under Review TBD
P-84120 – Automated On-Off Valves Closed-Under Review TBD
P-51500-A – Platework – Chutes & Launders TBD TBD
P-51500-B – Platework – Ducting & Pumpboxes TBD TBD
P-56701 – Potable water treatment Skid TBD TBD
P-82720 – Temperature Transmitters Closed-Under Review TBD
P-82800 – Flow Transmitter Closed-Under Review TBD
P-82810 – Pressure Transmitters Closed-Under Review TBD
P-82900 – Density Transmitters Closed-Under Review TBD
P-84000 – Modulating Control Valves Closed-Under Review TBD
P-84800 – Safety Valves Closed-Under Review TBD
P-85000 – Analyser & Detectors Closed-Under Review TBD
P-88000 – Communications, Telecom, CCTV, Internet Distribution,FOC TBD TBD
P-78800 – Heat Tracing TBD TBD
Package ID Turn-Key Packages Anticipated RFP Release
T-0001 – ERT & Emergency Vehicle Domes Closed-Under Review TBD
T-0003 – Modular Building Issued-Closing July 31/23 TBD
Package IDService Packages Anticipated RFP Release
Package IDStatus