Message from the CEO

Marathon Gold is committed to the financing, development and safe operation of the Valentine Gold Project. Once completed, the Valentine Gold Project will be the largest gold mine in Atlantic Canada with a significant impact on the economy of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Marathon’s success has been based on the diligent exploration over 10 years of a large belt of gold mineralization along the Valentine Lake Shear Zone. This has resulted in the delineation of a large, mineable mineral resource that has grown each year since the project was acquired in 2010. As we pursue the development of the project, we will continue to focus on exploration, understanding the value that has been created with the drill and the significant potential for new discovery that remains. 

As the developer of a large industrial project that will have a significant impact on people’s lives, the values that we bring to our business are important.

Our values are:  

  • Respect
    Our business is based upon the consent of others: from regulators, from civil society, from our employees, from our suppliers, from our financiers and from the communities in which we operate.
  • Accountability
    Our business will not succeed unless we face our challenges and opportunities honestly and with integrity.
  • Transparency
    We recognize we are a regulated business that creates impacts on society and the environment, and this brings with it a duty of disclosure.
  • Inclusion
    Our workplace will have no gender, racial, or cultural barriers.
  • Prosperity
    We seek an outcome of well being and commercial success for the corporation, our shareholders, our employees and our community partners.

Marathon is a group of people dedicated to the development of a significant new mine in the Central Region of Newfoundland and Labrador. As President & CEO, my role is to ensure this happens safely, respectfully, and promptly. Good mines have the potential to produce good outcomes in people’s lives. The Valentine Gold Project has this potential. It can create significant wealth and wellbeing for shareholders, communities, and Indigenous groups, in a safe and environmentally respectful manner. Simply put, our vision is that we have a chance to contribute to the creation of something important – a new mine that will create opportunity and wellbeing for a lot of people – that is something worth dedicating ourselves to. Marathon is committed to achieving this outcome.


Matt Manson

President & CEO